CCAC (Concerned Citizens for Animal Control of Warren County), is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization formed in 2001 working to establish a shelter, animal care, education, and population control of animals in Warren County.

Alice Drew with Indy

Animal Welfare Association

Warrenton Animal Shelter

Warren County Animal Control History

  • ​ 1989 Homer and Alice Drew begin caring for homeless animals in Warren County and form the Animal Welfare Association (AWA). Alice expands services to include multiple foster homes and pet adoption, as well as working with first responders (911) on emergency animal calls.

  •  2000 AWA gives notice to the Warren County Commissioners that it can no longer perform these services for the county. AWA continues to foster when the shelter fills up recognizing that great adoptable pets often need in-home training to bring forth their best potential. 

  •  In parallel, a rescue group, Homeward Bound, works with the City of Warrenton in a fostering and adoption program for Warrenton city residents through the city’s animal shelter. 

  •  The City of Warrenton  shelter is open 7 days a week. Officers work tirelessly to place homeless or owner-relinquished animals within Warrenton city limits.

  •  2001 A group of "Concerned Citizens", realizing they were living in a county with no animal control or shelter, forms CCAC.  They begin fundraising and host outreach programs for animal care.

  •  2008 CCAC purchases 3 acres of land to build the animal shelter. It is located about 4 miles west of the I-70 Warrenton exit just off the north service road. 

  • 2016  CCAC installs new Board members and committees to relaunch the goal of establishing an animal shelter for Warren County.  The "Shelter Challenge" of $100,00 by the end of 2018 was introduced.

  • 2018  The Shelter Challenge" goal of raising $100,000 is reached

  • 2019 The "Shelter Build" begins  with a goal of animals in a shelter by 2020 as group continues search for a suitable location.

  • 2020 Raise the Woof campaign begins and architectural planning started.

  • 2021 Plan to break ground on the shelter.

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CCAC Board of Directors

* Katie Joyce-President
* Tracy Sator- Vice President
* Penny McClain - Treasurer
* Kathy Caton - Secretary
* Lynda Baker

* Katie Knapp

CCAC Advisory Board

* Charlie Boyce

* Pat Harper
* Ruth Anne Scheidegger